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Utility front group sues to stop Arizona renewable energy referendum

APS-funded Arizonans for Affordable Energy is alleging that 3/4 of the signatures gathered by Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona are invalid.


Utility-funded Harvard group has given tens of thousands in airfare, luxury hotels and meals to Arizona commissioners

In this expose, Energy and Policy Institute looks at how the Harvard Electricity Policy Group has been lavishing gifts on members of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

One blockchain to rule them all

Utility regulator Andy Tobin of the Arizona Corporation Commission has filed a docket to explore the potential role of blockchain technology on the power grid, suggesting that we are entering an age of energy technology convergence.

Arizona 50% by 2030 renewable initiative qualifies for ballot

The Tom Steyer-backed initiative has turned in more than double the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot, as the state regulatory body pushing a pro-nuclear alternative faces yet another scandal.

When the global Energy Transition gets local

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Dr. Wes Herche of Arizona State University brings insights from a recent conference on the Energy Transition in Arizona.

Arizona regulators rebuff utilities, order turn from gas to renewables

As an historic first, the Arizona Corporation Commission has voted not to acknowledge the gas-heavy energy resource plans of utilities, and is pushing instead an aggressive clean energy plan by one of its members.

Battle of competing clean energy mandates in Arizona

While Commissioner Andy Tobin pushes his 80% “clean energy” by 2050 goal, an Arizona Public Service front group is attacking a Tom Steyer-backed ballot initiative for the state to push for 50% renewables by 2030.

Arizona debates breathtaking clean energy plan at open meeting

While most of the comments supported Commissioner Andy Tobin’s visionary plan, one commissioner called him out for what he perceives as Tobin’s generally pro-utility positions.

80% clean energy by 2030, 3 GW of energy storage proposed in Arizona

Commissioner Tobin of the ACC has proposed the most radical vision yet for clean energy in Arizona. But what does “clean” mean?

Blue Oak Energy Appoints New Vice President of Engineering

Leading firm bolsters leadership team, expands technical expertise for enterprise solar

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