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Massachusetts regulators double SMART program capacity

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued an order expanding the SMART program from 1,600 to 3,200 MW of solar capacity, allowing 175 MW of stagnant solar to move ahead.

Massachusetts weighs SMART program changes

Some solar developers have said the proposed revisions would remove 90% of Bay State land from solar development opportunities.


SMART program could make 90% of Massachusetts off-limits to large-scale solar, force more job loss

While the program’s expansion is intended to bring more than 3 GW of solar to the state, new land-use restrictions have made the majority of the state off-limits to large-scale development.

Massachusetts doubles the size of its SMART solar incentive

Dubbing the measure an “emergency regulation,” the incentive program’s capacity has been expanded to 3.2 GW of incentive blocks, with specific carve-outs for smaller projects and low-income community solar projects.

Massachusetts moves to protect premium land under SMART

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources has changed the definition of land deemed “prime” or more valuable for solar projects, increasing the number of projects that will receive penalties under the SMART program.


Can solar policy get SMART(er) in Massachusetts?

The Baker Administration is proposing a number of tweaks to the leading solar policy, and while the biggest conflict is over how big the program should be, siting is also a significant issue.

Massachusetts’ SMART program fills up fast

The new program has already been over-subscribed for 25 kW or larger projects in two of five utility service areas, and is nearly full in a third.

Massachusetts’ SMART to go live today

As of noon today Massachusetts’ SREC-II program will close, and the window to apply under the SMART program will begin, which is expected to result in a flood of applications.

SMART solar tour complete, Massachusetts DOER readies launch

The 1.6 GW SMART program for solar power in Massachusetts completed a seven presentation tour of the state, connecting directly with local installers, and hearing the stresses.


Massachusetts’ SMART program is a go, but the details matter

The State of Massachusetts has officially approved its next round of solar power incentives. The program will push 1.6 GW of solar power onto the power grid.

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