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Michigan passes 100% clean energy mandate

The Clean Energy and Jobs Act includes several bills that include a mandate that utilities sell 100% of electricity generation from emissions-free sources, though environmentalists argue it has opened the door for non-clean sources to participate.

Michigan on the cusp of its clean energy future

Clean Energy Future Plan will make Michigan a leader in clean energy, boost economy, create jobs and lower electric bills for residents.

Michigan utility settlement revises resource plan to add 3.8 GW of renewables

DTE Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan will be more climate-friendly following political action from Vote Solar, Union of Concerned Scientists and the Ecology Center.

Michigan energy storage bills can serve as a model for the nation

Passing these bills would make the state among the most ambitious in the Midwest when it comes to growing storage capacity and encouraging business models that unlock the full potential of this technology, like the “virtual power plant” model.


Michigan bill proposes residential solar-plus-storage credits

Michigan customers would be offered $500 per kW for a new solar system and $300 per kWh for a new battery storage system, which would be doubled for low- and moderate-income customers.

Bipartisan Michigan bill would unlock community solar market

The senate-sponsored bill would enable residents and businesses to subscribe to offsite solar projects to receive a credit on their utility bills.

RFI Alert: University of Michigan seeks 25 MW of solar

U-M is targeting 25 MW distributed across Dearborn, Flint, and Ann Arbor campuses.

Michigan-based Our Next Energy announces LFP utility-scale battery

Aries Grid is a lithium iron phosphate battery designed for long-duration energy storage systems.

50 states of solar incentives: Michigan

Michigan’s Healthy Climate Plan put the state near the top in renewable expectations, but it is currently planted squarely in the middle as far as how much solar is installed.

Michigan utility doubles distributed generation cap

Consumers Energy files a settlement agreement to raise its cap on distributed solar generation from 2% to 4%, bumping up one of the nation’s most restrictive rules. The settlement includes other clean energy and equity provisions.


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